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When you hire external contracting services to complete a house building project, it means you are ready to become the project manager for the construction of your new home. This means you will need to manage every aspect of the build, both in terms of construction and purchase of building materials.

Choose foreman that is experienced and has a good work record which you are able to verify. You should choose a foreman who understands the concept you want for your home. Supervision of work as it is completed is crucial. If necessary, you could ask your architect to accompany you when checking on the work of the builders of the house have completed.

To avoid fraud, you should buy building materials from a well established builders merchants with a good reputation. Completing upfront checks before you hire any contractors or buy your materials is well worth the additional effort and can save you from ongoing complications with your build. Reputations do tend to stick so information regarding bad work for clients can be found easily.

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Using professional services or assistance to build a house may seem unimportant to some people. A lot of people think that using the services of architects, contractors etc is not necessary and will only increase the costs of building a new home. To perform all the tasks required for successful construction requires many different skills. You should only assume the parts of the build which you are confident you have the relevant skills to complete. If you are not skilled in a particular area you should hire a professional. Taking on too much in an attempt to keep build costs down can actually work out more expensive in the long run.

You should honestly assess your own skillset. By planning correctly at the start you can identify any aspects of the build where you will need the help of a professional contractor. You can then concentrate on successfully completing your aspects of the build whilst being sure that the other elements of the house build are also completed in line with your requirements and timescales.



Build a house in a strategic location which is easily drivable for building material deliveries. Building your new home in a difficult to access area can cause problems. Obtaining and transportation of materials to remote areas will almost certainly lead to additional costs. This can be a problem if you are working with a tight contstuction budget.

It can be tempting to save money by choosing lower cost materials. This is fine but ensure that you are still buying the quality you need.

Building a house at the right time is often not considered but can impact your budget greatly. For example building during winter time can result in delays brought on by bad weather conditions. Is the area where you intend to build surceptible to any extreme weather conditions? For example if the route to your new property regularly flooded at a certain time of year? This could lead to delivery problems. Events which are out of your control should be carefully considered. All of these things can lead to additional costs to the development budget of your home.

To avoid additional expenses and spending outside of the budget, it helps if you create a solid plan for building a house. Thinking things through properly and detailed planning at the start help avoid unexpected extra expenses.


Including a multi function room or rooms as part of your design can lower your build costs. This will help builders who are worrying about cost or are working with limited funds. With clever design and styling you can create a fantastic family living space on a modest budget which is still modern and stunning. Consider your families actual requirements for each of the rooms in your new home. Many companies now provide appliances, fixtures and fittings that can blend into the living space. Creating a multi functional living space is relatively easy with a little bit of upfront research.

A house that has many rooms will tend to cost more to build due to the additional building materials required. To save space and money, create a multifunctional space instead. For example a living room that also serves as a family room or a combined kitchen and dining room. A spare bedrooms could also serve as a home office or play room for the kids.  Remember to consider the alternatives. A room does not always need to serve a single purpose.

It’s great if your budget isn’t a concern and you can have as many rooms as you want. But unforntunately for many people this just isn’t a reality. For builders who are subject to budget and space restictions with a clever building design you can still make your dreams a reality.


A shortage of developed residential property in the UK has lead to an increase in people looking at building their own home. However this is not the only reason why more and more people are looking at the self build otion.

Building your own home is not an easy or inexpensive task. When deciding to build your own house it tends not to be just your basic need that gets included in your plans. As you add more and more desired features the price always go up. The desire to build your own home is often faced with funding constraints. It must be recognised that the construction of a house does require substantial funds. Given that, it does not mean that building your dream home will be anymore expensive that buying an existing, similar property. There are many tips and tricks to building a quality home within your budget. Here are a few tips to consider when building your own home for a realistic price:

1. Housing Development Planning
This first and most critical stage is the inital planning. A good and well thought out plan is invaluable. Consider at least funding, location, the size of the building, timescales, contractors required, interim living arrangements etc. This plan will serve as a controlling mechanism for your project. It will help reduce the possibility of irregularities during the process of development. If during the construction of your house things begin to deviate from the plan, you can consider actions to remidate and get things back on track. This will certainly help and reduce the impact on costs.

2. Minimalist Design
Home design with minimalist style is currently a good trend for the development of public housing and the construction of self build homes. This type of design is considered more efficient in the use of building materials whilst still providing a modern and luxurious finish. In keeping with its minimalist design, this type of space-efficient housing design, can greatly reduce the expense of building materials.

3. Determine the Form of the Building
The actual building form affects the difficulty level of development and the specific building materials required. Square or rectangular shapes tend to be more easily built and more cost-effective compared to a triangular house or angular features. Generally when constructing a build, obscure angles and curvatures will leave a lot of under used building materials. In addition, the level of difficulty in building an angled or curved structure requires more skilled design and workmanship so that the risk is also higher on the eventual shape of the building being less than perfect.

4. Research Building Material Prices
Prices of building materials can vary greatly. This is one factor that must be considered thoroughly. Many people can be suprised and get caught out with the expense of the raw materials required for their project.  In order to minimise risk and ensure you have sufficient funds for the building materials required, do the necessary research regarding prices. There is no need to hesitate or even be embarrassed when asking for quotes and comparing prices between different suppliers and builders mechants for cement, sand, bricks, steel etc.