Including a multi function room or rooms as part of your design can lower your build costs. This will help builders who are worrying about cost or are working with limited funds. With clever design and styling you can create a fantastic family living space on a modest budget which is still modern and stunning. Consider your families actual requirements for each of the rooms in your new home. Many companies now provide appliances, fixtures and fittings that can blend into the living space. Creating a multi functional living space is relatively easy with a little bit of upfront research.

A house that has many rooms will tend to cost more to build due to the additional building materials required. To save space and money, create a multifunctional space instead. For example a living room that also serves as a family room or a combined kitchen and dining room. A spare bedrooms could also serve as a home office or play room for the kids.  Remember to consider the alternatives. A room does not always need to serve a single purpose.

It’s great if your budget isn’t a concern and you can have as many rooms as you want. But unforntunately for many people this just isn’t a reality. For builders who are subject to budget and space restictions with a clever building design you can still make your dreams a reality.